My recent visit to HP R&D Israel

HP’s Israel R&D team, which works on its Unified Functional Testing (UFT) — formerly known as QuickTest Professional (QTP) — and Business Process Testing (BPT) products at its Quality Center (QC), recently invited me to Israel for a four-day feedback conference.

The conference was organized by HP to gather my feedback on its tools, and also to share with me some of the features of its upcoming releases. This was the first time ever HP had invited any user from outside of Israel for feedback. The invitation highlights HP’s interest in getting user community also involved for enhancing their tools.

During the four days of the conference, I had a series of meetings with different teams within HP, including the QTP/ BPT Dev, QTP Management, QTP QA, QTP documentation and Service Test teams. I also had a chance to meet their Ukraine and China teams over video conference.

The meetings involved discussions on various aspects, including:

  • Likes and dislikes of the user community on the QTP and BPT tools
  • Usability feedback for the QTP and BPT UI and features
  • Requests for new features in QTP and BPT to increase their usability and flexibility
  • Focus of the QTP QA teams on stable releases
  • Improvement of documentation and help to increase usage of help files by users
  • Debugging enhancements required in QTP and BPT
  • Need for new development language support

I presented my point of view on QTP and UFT to HP’s management and made suggestions on how to take UFT to the next level. Few of the sessions were dedicated to listing out ways by which QTP can be improved as a product.

I was also allowed to have a sneak peak at the latest build of HP’s upcoming QTP and BPT releases. A few of the new features in the upcoming UFT release are:

  • New improved IDE with IntelliSense for classes
  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI) features for opening multiple tests within QTP
  • Integration of BPT as well as Service Test into QTP (giving rise to the name, UFT)
  • Insight — an innovative, new image-recognition feature for carrying out image-based automation
  • New canvas for designing test flow

Some of event pictures:

From Left to Right - Rachel, Tarun, Ayal, Avivi, Iris


Meeting with HP Team

Meeting with HP Team


Meeting 2 with HP Team

Meeting 2 with HP Team

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