Why is my Recovery Scenario not getting fired?

Debugging Recovery Scenario (RS) is always been a tough ask. But knowing situations where RS won’t work before hand can be of added advantage. In this article we will explore various possible scenarios where RS is not fired. We will assume the RS to be fired is “Any Error”

Situation #1 – Script Errors

Errors NOT involving any Test Object won’t fire any recovery scenario. All the code lines listed below will raise an error but not a RS

Situation #2 – Object Not in Object Repository (OR)

If you try to access a object from the OR and it does not exist in the OR at all, then QTP will throw an error and RS won’t be fired. Object not found in object repository error is treated as a Script error by QTP and is raised directly.

Situation #3 – Modal dialog blocking execution

In case the operation you have performed causes a modal Dialog to appear, RS can’t get fired in such situations. The simplest example of this the code shown below

The call to the Msgbox blocks execution in current thread and QTP get busy waiting for someone to close the message box. In such situations no RS can get executed

Situation #4 – Associated Library is not found

In case the RS action is to call a Function from a Library file and Library file is not found, the RS will not get triggered.

Situation #5 – Activate Recovery Scenario setting is not configured properly

Go to File->Settings…->Recovery (Tab)->Activate Recovery Scenario option. If the value is set to ‘Never’ no RS can get fired, in case value is set to ‘On Error’ then the recovery scenario will only be fired when an error occurs. In case the scenario is not fired change this setting to ‘On Every Step’

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